Lime restoration in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

With many years experience dealing with ancient and historic buildings, which include houses and cottages as well as converted barns, my intention now is to provide unrivalled customer service to discerning clients who wish to lavish the best on their period homes.

My focus is on exclusively built properties in prime locations where I can provide the type of service owners of the above require. My customers have usually concluded that to a good job undertaken sympathetically takes time and are unwilling to settle for anything other than the absolute best.  

Alongside architectural design and beautifully crafted country gardens, the stone and mortar-work of a period property provides the first impression. For beautifully textured natural stone to retain its lasting appearance it needs a quality natural mortar to keep nature at bay. 

I specialise in the restoration of high-end stone and antique brick properties

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Choosing someone who fails to understand older properties can have disastrous results.

Natural hydraulic lime mortar – not cement – is what is needed on a historic building. It will resist water penetration whilst remaining porous and flexible. It will also wick away moisture from a building ensuring the building remains weatherproof and dry.

In direct contrast, cement is neither flexible nor porous and traps moisture in a wall. The imprisoned moisture results in rising damp and rotten stone.

In the case of repointing, newly mortared joints walls need to be brush finished and not trowel finished. This technique makes the grains uniform and creates a protective calcination coat which weatherproofs the mortar until completely hard which takes about a year.

A top end result cannot be achieved without the appropriate tools. I have many of these specially made and my array includes hand-cast axes with which to dress stone in addition to specifically adapted trowels which facilitate work on non-standard joints.

If you wish to give your property the finest treatment in order to keep it maintained to its best then please call for a free no obligation written quotation.

Whilst I work for you, you will have the benefit of my knowledge of period properties which earned me a college lectureship in the further education sector.

I have a degree from the  University of Reading and
I am asked to tender for work by the National Trust and also building companies who only employ quality tradesmen to work on their restoration projects.


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